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I found the Black Forest mine at 8700' on my first day in Nevada. That's the Jeep off in the distance, quite a way back up the hill.

Given how I live at sea level in moderate San Francisco, jogging back up the ravine in the sub-zero temperature turned out to be a bad move. Jeeze, I was about to cough up a lung.

Hey, the Pony Express Trail. This was both cool and a non-event, all in one.
I had never seen a "Beware of Lambchop" sign before crossing over Robinson Pass, Nevada.
The Jeep is looking a bit dirty here at Antelope Summit, Nevada.
I found it difficult to photograph a passing snowstorm at sunset. You can see the storm retreating on the left side of the frame.

This is US-50 as it crosses Newark Valley, well east of Ely, Nevada.

The same passing storm. Feh.
My two-bit hotel in Ely, Nevada. OK, enough with the snow already.
A snowplow blows by at 70 miles per hour.
At this early hour, the snow is too dry to stick to anything, never mind the road. The snow plow is really just rescattering the snow dust back onto the road.
Approaching Utah, "Land Of Food On Road".

That's Wheeler Peak, Great Basin National Park, off behind the clouds.

Yes! Utah!

The roadside food notion is even reinforced by the beehives on highway signs. (Beehive sign not shown here. Do not taunt Utahns about the Beehive. They dig the hive.)

My hike up to Lexington Arch. No human footprints to be found. Next time: Think Snowshoes.
Still hiking up to Lexington Arch.
On the way back from Lexington Arch, my footprints were already being covered over.
Ahh, finally out of the snow shadow of Granite Peak near Lexington Arch.
Mmm. Beef on a Utah road shoulder.
More Utah roadside supermarket.
A Basque rancher mushes some steaks off the road so I can drive by.
A gaggle of turkeys in Zion.
The Zion turkeys make their escape. Edible roadside wildlife is also recurring theme in Utah.
Deer at sunset, east of Zion. Hey, deer are food, aren't they?
Quiet, cold, and getting dark.
More snow, this time at my two-bit hotel in Panguitch, Utah.
More turkeys. These eight birds are in Escalante National Monument.
These birds were quite unconcerned, despite their obvious food status.
A summit with no name in Escalante National Monument.

I'm about to drive into a good thick storm. It looks like a white-out just down the road on the left site of the frame.

Yes, it was a white-out. I just stopped and waited it out.

The headlights are on, by the way. Not that you can tell through all of the fog and snow.

This image of Delicate Arch is, well, just obscene.

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