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Winter in Utah and Nevada

A November trip through Utah and Nevada.

(Nov, 1998)

My Top Twenty Picks

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National Parks

Delicate Arch Delicate Arch, Arches National Park. A few more
Lexington Arch Lexington Arch, Great Basin National Park.
Zion Canyon

Zion Highlands
Zion National Park.
Pictures of the canyon and of the less visited highlands in the center of the park.
A few more
Island in the Sky Island in the Sky, Canyonlands National Park. A few more
Newspaper rock and other petroglyphs near Canyonlands. A few more
Elephant Hill The southern end of Canyonlands National Park. A few more
Capitol Reef A brief stop in Capitol Reef National Park.

Back Roads, Little Towns

Western Utah The virtually unpopulated western range country of Utah.
Elko, NV Driving south from Elko through 'Secret Pass' and on to Ely.
Ely, NV Things spied along the roads near Ely, NV. A few more
Caineville Reef Caineville Reef, just east of Capitol Reef National Park.
Shafter Jeep Trail
Canyonlands N P
Ice, snow, switchbacks, thousand foot vertical drops- the perfect place to brush up on your winter driving.

Mines and ghost towns

Ward, NV Ward Mining District charcoal ovens and graveyard, south of Ely, NV.
Paymaster mine Paymaster mine ruins, in the Ward Mining District.
Black Forest &
Sprucemont Mines
The Black Forest mine in the Sprucemont, NV mining district.
Frisco, UT The ghost town and mines of Frisco, UT.
BHP Copper mine BHP Copper mine, Ely, NV.

Random Stuff

Escalante A very snowy and overcast drive through Escalante National Monument.
Lehman Cave Pictures from Lehman Cave, Great Basin National Park. If you aren't a cave nut, and I'm certainly not, these could be pretty boring.
Windows Windows area of Arches National Park, or why not to take color pictures in very flat light.
Devil's Garden Devil's Garden area of Arches National Park. More gloomy flat light pictures. A few more
Bonneville Salt Flats The raceway in winter, and a sun dog caught at sunset.
Mountain Summits and Passes A few of the many summits and passes I traveled over in Nevada and Utah.
Travelogue Totally random things that I saw and did. Basque cattlemen, cattle, wild turkeys, road signs, snowy hikes, snow plows, and so forth.

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