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Photographs of the Four Seasons hotel, Istanbul, Turkey. Looking back out of the bathroom towards the bar service area.

An incomplete list of Turn-Down service activities performed by the Room Fairy:

  • TV hutch opened, TV pulled out and angled towards the bed. Remote and schedule placed on the nightstand.
  • Alarm clock rotated towards pillow.
  • Radio tuned to softly playing classical music.
  • Curtains drawn.
  • Slippers placed on large linen pads on both sides of the bed. (Your bare feet need never touch the carpet!)
  • Informational tray, including next day's breakfast specials, placed on bed.
  • Night light turned on in bathroom.
  • Comforter removed from duvet.
  • Late-edition newspapers aligned on desk.
  • More ice! Of course, more and more ice!

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