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Photographs of the Four Seasons hotel, Istanbul, Turkey. The bathroom.

Linen handcloths. Linen!

An incomplete list of daytime Room Fairy activities:

  • Bottled water appears mid-day.
  • Ice bucket always filled after about 3pm.
  • Figs disappear, replaced with dates.
  • Turkish Delight (a candy) appears.
  • Newspapers re-folded and smoothed into original condition.
  • Used glassware always replaced.
  • A little mat placed under toiletries.
  • Toiletries rearranged and lined up.
  • Clothes left scattered are folded and put away.
  • Bookmark placed in book.
  • Q-Tips added to our own supply.
  • Turn-down service (more on that later) walked back: TV hutch closed, alarm clock rotated towards room, slippers and foot pad put away, etc.

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