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Antalya is both a large city and a resort town on the central Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

This was the view from our hotel. The Mediterranean stretches off to the south on the right. On the left are the apartment buildings that line the stately Kenan Evren Bulvari -- the promenade to the city center.

This is Kale Kapisi, the Fortress Gate, the main square in old Antalya. Beyond the clock tower (saat kulesi) is the city's historic district, called the Kaleici.

Just out of the frame to the right is the Grooved Minaret (Yivli Minare) which, due to a simply amazing amount of floodlight glare, is impossible to photograph well at night.

The Cut Minaret (Kesik Minare) in the Kaleici.

Over the last 19 centuries, this has been the site of a temple, a church, a mosque, and now, ruins.

A fire took out the top of the minaret.

A street lined with Ottoman houses in the Kaleici.

Kaleici means 'inside the fortress' -- inside the Roman walls of the old city.

Another Ottoman house.

As you wander farther from the harbor, the neighborhood loses its restaurants, hotels, tourist shops and all the associated bustle. It really becomes quite charming.

And old house frames a minaret in the Kaleici.
Many of the old houses have been well restored. Note the beautiful woodwork of the curved soffit.
A house, fallen into considerable disrepair.
We found a wonderful outdoor bar and cafe on the southern end of the Kaleici near the Hidirik Kulesi tower. A view of the Mediterranean, low shade trees, no one speaking English, plenty of cell phones, and good Efes beer. Fantastic.

Just wander past the tower, towards the water, and hook north through the park.


Roman and Byzantine ruins are scattered throughout the quiet streets. You just have to get out of the shops and walk around to find them.

Street food in the narrow alleyways near the harbor.
Doner Kabap in Antalya's bazaar.
A few miles outside of Antalya is a cool and relaxing little park called Kursunlu Selalesi.

A river flows through a gorge, creating pools, waterfalls, and considerably cooler temperatures.

A few more pictures of Antalya.


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