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We were just wandering randomly through Sevilla and we came across the bullfight about to start. The matador and his horse are entering Sevilla's Plaza del Toros de la Real Maestranza.
On an impulse, we scalped some tickets just minutes before the fight was scheduled to begin.

We didn't know, however, that the doors were locked just before the fight started. This worked in our favor as suddenly the $20 tickets were $3.

Uuuuuup! Just as we realized that each of our tickets were for the opposite sides of the ring, they started closing the doors! And we were not in yet!

It was a bit of a cultural shock to find that these things start right on time.

I love this shot of an old butcher, peering over the fence at the fight, his knife at the ready.

There were all sorts of interesting characters hanging out at the ringside. I felt like I was hanging out with the bookies and small time racketeers.

The dray horse team and their blue panted handlers awaited the end of each fight.

So, here I was, an ignorant American, watching the fight and enjoying the scene all around me. La la la. Then...

Suddenly everyone cleared up and away into the stands just before the fight ended. The doors were quickly swung open, and I got shoo-shooed aside at the last moment before the team rushed into the ring.
A little quick hitch-up work to the expired bull's horns was required.
Trumpets blared and the dray team took a victory lap of sorts around the ring. They're were really hustling.

Where was I at this moment? Right in the path of this thundering mass. Like duh -- they came out of this gate...

... and they will come right back to the same gate.

Dodging the dray team after each fight was almost as exciting as the fights themselves. Staying out from under the hooves was up to each individual. Somehow I don't think there are personal injury lawsuits in Spain.

After the blood draining was started, a few heavy chops from an axe were needed to take off the horns.
Someone got the horns, apparently, while another butcher sharpened his knife.

Note the buckets along the wall.

After various unused parts, such as the legs, were tossed into the bins, the hide came off in one big piece.
If you think this is upsetting, just imagine what it was like in person.
And the bull is off to market.

Mmm, meat on the top, parts on the floor.


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