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Spring in Spain

A May trip through southern Spain.

(May 1999)

My Top Twenty Picks

       Top Twenty My favorite images.

Sevilla, bullfights...

Bullfight The bullfight, La Corrida. A few more
Backstage A peek backstage during a bullfight.
Sevilla A walk through the streets of Sevilla (Seville). A few more
Sevilla's Cathedral A mondo cathedral, shipped with optional mosque attachment. A few more
Alcazar de Seville The royal palace and gardens in Sevilla. A few more
Río Guadalquivir A stroll along the Guadalquivir, the main river of Sevilla.


Granada Granada, the center of a Muslim emirate for almost three centuries, and the site of their last stand against the Catholics. A few more
La Alhambra The delightful and sublime Muslim palace and fortress in Granada. A few more
El Generalife The gardens adjacent to La Alhambra. A few more
Granada's Cathedral The dusty old coot. A few more

Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha

Toledo Once the center of civic life in Spain. A few more
Madrid The capital of Spain. A few more
Oropesa A little village with a big parador. A few more

Extremadura and Andalucía

Ronda Ronda, a Muslim fortress town. A few more
Extremadura The countryside of Extremadura, including a stop in Mérida. A few more


John and Anne Actual pictures of the actual tourists. Shocking, I know.
Ham, ham, ham Ham is life.
Gibraltar A quick walk through nasty and surreal Gibraltar. A few more
Architectural Ironwork A collection of buildings with interesting ironwork.
Miscellaneous Stuff Graffiti, the black bull, and a bizarre fire extinguisher.
Our Hotels Of no interest unless you are currently planning a trip to Spain. A few more

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