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The belltower of the Catedral de Toledo (Cathedral of Toledo), reflected in the window of an armor shop.

In centuries past, if you needed a good knife, a sword, or even a whole suit of armor, Toledo was the place to go. Come to think of it, Toledo is still where you would go...

The front of the Catedral de Toledo (Cathedral of Toledo).
One of many sharp turns in Toledo's twisted and narrow streets.

Certainly not a place for American drivers on their first day in Spain.

Plaza de Toros, the Bullring, just north of town.
A typical street scene in Toledo -- pretty, old buildings with interesting ironwork details -- and nasty, haphazard external wiring nailed into the exterior stonework.
"Parroquia del Salvador Fillial de San Martin".

This might be the parish house, but that's just an ill-informed guess.

Street scene.
Plaza de Zocodover, a focal point of life in Toledo for centuries.

Over time in this plaza it has been possible to buy livestock, catch a bullfight, be executed by the Inquisition, check out a farmer's market, and currently, scarf down a Big Mac or marzipan.

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

Toledo's Alcazar, the site of about a half dozen random sackings, burnings, bombings and a siege during the Spanish Civil War.
The Alcazar's courtyard.

The Alcazar is treated almost like a holy shrine for reasons that I didn't quite grasp. The siege and the associated stories must have a tight grip on the Spanish imagination.

A street near the cathedral.

A few more pictures of Toledo.


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