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A view north from La Giralda towards the Alamillo Bridge in Sevilla.
Looking east over the Alcazar and down to the Guadalquivir.
A mixture of the new, the old, and the quite dilapidated in a neighborhood near the Cathedral.
Escudero Vargas advertisement.
Sevilla's ayuntamiento -- city hall.
Iglesia de Jesus del Gran Proder -- a church we happened by.
Iron crosses in the Barrio de Santa Cruz.
Plaza de España.
Plaza de España.
Plaza de España.
Torre del Oro -- the tower of gold.

More shots along the Guadalquivir.

An afternoon bite at an excellent tapas bar. Actually, it takes a little looking to find anything other than tapas to eat in Sevilla.
This is quite a doorway.

Barrio de Santa Cruz.

A few more pictures of Sevilla.


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