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Plaza de Toros -- Ronda's bullring.

Ronda is the home of modern bullfighting, but fights are now rarely staged in this out-of-the-way agricultural town.

In the 1700s and 1800s, the Romero family introduced many of the rituals of the modern fight, and showed their stuff in this, their home ring.

Ronda's PTT (post office), along Calle Virgen de la Paz.
A view of La Ciudad, the old Muslim part of Ronda, perched up on its defensive cliff.
Another view to show just how tall the cliffs are. The Rio Guadalevín flows between the new town and the old town just below the frame.
Homes in La Ciudad, just south of the Puente Nuevo.

This is where the fascists in For Whom the Bell Tolls, and in actuality, were rounded up, beaten, and tossed off the cliff.

The police station and town hall, flanked by some productive-looking orange trees. (Aka Ayuntamiento & Policía Local)
Iglesia del Espíritu Santo, a church in the Barrio de San Francisco.
A detail of Iglesia del Espíritu Santo.
One of the many whitewashed little villages in the countryside north of Ronda.
An abandoned farm building, north of Ronda. We found the countryside of Andalucía and Extremadura eerily de-populated.
An arch on the Puente Viejo. It's Viejo allright: built in 1616.
A view of the Puente Viejo itself.
A tour group walks over Puente Árabe -- the Arab bridge.
A view out our hotel window, looking south towards the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea beyond.

There is some bizarre stalky succulent growing along the cliff, with orchards below and miles away.

A view from La Ciudad back to the cliffs of the new town. The green trees and the gazebo are in the Alameda del Tajo, the main park in Ronda.

To the left of the gazebo, there is a pleasant walk along the edge of the cliff called the Paseo de las Inglesas -- probably because it leads to the Anglophile hotel -- Hotel Reina Victoria.

An old house along Calle Santo Domingo in La Ciudad.

Crooked chimneys, broken railing, but tons of charm.

A few more Ronda pictures.


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