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Oropesa is home to a 14th century castle, now converted into a parador.
Our room in the parador was in the dungeon of the palace side of the castle.

There was a big wedding at the Parador, and we were happy to grab the last room.

Pastoral views from the castle.
Ruins of a church right next door to the castle.
The clock tower on Oropesa's town square.

The tower is built over an archway in the town hall. The arch is visible at the bottom of the frame. The main road through town passes under the clock tower, which is a pretty slick trick.

Appropriately enough, perhaps the largest stork's nest in town is situated on the clock tower's roof.

A church, adorned by storks' nests, of course.
A typical house on the two-minute walk between the castle and the town square.
A bell tower.

I lost count of the number of churches in this sleepy small town.

A few more pictures of Oropesa.


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