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Calle Calderería Nueva in the lower Albaicín, the Muslim quarter.
A chapel in the Albaicín along the Río Darro.

(Is this Iglesia de Santa Ana? I think this chapel was further north along Carrera del Darro...)

The alcaicería next to the cathedral is a pretty good place to pick up a flamenco dress.

There is plenty of Islamic influence throughout the narrow little alleys. Take away the dresses, and you could be at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

A moorish arch in the alcaicería.
A busy plaza in the Albaicín, just up the hill from Mirador San Nicolás. This may be Plaza Larga.

This is a fantastic place to stop after hiking up the hill to gaze at the Alhambra across the valley.

We indulged ourselves in the busy bars and at the packed tables, eating salty bread, bursting open and noshing on enormous green beans, and drinking beer until well after dark. Big families, teenagers on motos, and even packs of loose dogs wandered through the plaza in an unending stream. We felt like locals!

Anne snapping a big green bean.

We happened to pass through Granada on the Festival of the Cross. The holiday is a great excuse for grandparents to dress up the kids in traditional dress -- and for the rest of the town to walk around Plaza Nueva drinking some sweet local hooch.
The courtyard of the Corral del Carbón dates back to the 14th century.

It isn't quite the massive fortress like a Turkish caravanserai, but what it lacks in stoutness, it makes up for in charm.

Ahh, an Irish pub in the heart of Granada. Who knew?

A few more Granada Pictures.


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