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Granada's cathedral as seen from Plaza Pasiegas.

The cathedral is huge, yet the city buildings come virtually right up to its walls. It's hard to get a good view of the building.

A view of one of the towers, also from the Plaza Pasiegas.

Blocky isn't a strong enough adjective for this cathedral. This place is a brick.

A side view of the cathedral -- from Calle Oficios

This is near the entrance to Capilla Real. Go see the Capilla and you can probably can skip a trip to the cathedral.

There are no photographs allowed in the Capilla, so I have nothing to show you. It's pretty cool though, complete with tombs and other royal bric-a-brac. It's a bit like Westminster Abbey in London.

The nave.
Ceiling detail in the nave.
A gilded chapel behind the main altar.

In a bizarre arcade-like twist, you deposit a coin in a machine that turns on these lights for a minute or so. Otherwise it's quite dark, even during the middle of the day.

A few more pictures of Granada's cathedral.


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