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The main intersection in a little village near Santa Olalla del Cala.

The town is all decked out for a big festival, but there's no one around, except in the bar across the street.

Maybe the festival was last night?

The ruins of a castle above the village are being restored.

If you look closely, you can see a sheep wandering around on the rocks.

If you go there, you'll be swarmed by the beasts.

A horse above the town officiates over the empty main street.
A church steeple with the prerequisite stork's nest.

If the stork is not the official bird of Extremadura, it really ought to be. Just about every high point in the area, including large freeway signs, is crowned by a massive nest of twigs.

Come to think of it, this may actually be Santa Olalla de Cala, and not mearly a village nearby.

If so, well, technically, this isn't in Extremadura.

The Puente Romano (Roman Bridge) on the Río Guadiana in Mérida.

This is, apparently, one of the longest bridges that the Romans built. In this view you can see just 9 of the 64 arches.

A graceful and modern highway bridge stands in the background.

An archway at the Roman/Visigothic Alcazaba in Mérida.
The Templo de Diana (Temple of Diana) in downtown Mérida.

Someone built a house inside the temple, and the owners have apparently been maintaining the temple ever since. Bust that lawn ornament!

The Anfiteatro Romano, (Roman Amphitheater) in Mérida.

Some of the blocks that you see are clearly restorations, such as those in the foreground.

Well preserved Roman mosaics in the nearby Casa del Anfiteatro.

A few more pictures of Extremadura.


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