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A visit to the Alhambra is a highly recommended stop on a first visit to Spain, and it would be a highlight of any trip.

The Alhambra as seen from a lookout in the Albaicín.

The Casa Real is lit in the foreground, and the Palacio de Carlos V is lit in a bluish light just behind.

A detail of the filigree on the Patio de los Arrayanes (Patio of the Myrtles). I think this says Allah Akbar, or "Allah is the Greatest", over and over again.

An Islamic arch forms over the wooden door on the right side of the picture's frame.

A juxtaposition of four crafts at the Alhambra. The wood door, the tile, the plaster relief and the leather chair all clash together -- fit for a sultan.

I believe that this door is on the Patio de los Arrayanes (Patio of the Myrtles).

The Patio de los Leones -- The Patio of the Lions, named for the fountain in the center of the courtyard. Twelve stout lions support the bowl.

Somehow, in a manner defying common sense and physics, the fountain was recirculated without the aid of a pump. I think something was lost in the translation from Spanish into English at this point.

One hundred and twenty four very thin marble columns support the walkway roof.
OK, I'm overloading you with the Patio de los Leones -- but this harén (harem) was my favorite spot in all of Spain. The architecture can soothe and change your mood.

The word 'sublime' was invented for things as rare and altering as this.

The interior wall and ceiling of one of the rooms just off the Patio de los Leones in the harén.
Another room in the harén.

(This may be the Sala de los Abencerrajes -- the location of some various murders in a palace power struggle.)

A collapsing balcony near Peinador de la Reina (Queen's Dressing Room).
A reflecting pool and building in the Jardines del Partal.
Part of the palace, as seen from Jardines del Partal.
Jardines del Partal.

A few more Alhambra pictures.


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