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The drive from Great Basin to Zion is quite desolate and peaceful. Mountains, brush, cattle and a ghost town line Utah 21 between Garrison and Milford.
This is serious free range country. There is nothing to keep the cattle off the road but a lack of grass.
The cattle really seem to dig the very edge of the road. There aren't many cars to spook them away, I'd guess.
Hey, check that out: A fence! Now there is a novel concept.

A Basque rancher herding his cattle off the road for me.

The rancher used the oddest call, one that I could never reproduce. I found it quite a charming yip-yodel, but the cattle were not nearly as impressed. After ten minutes of his lazy calling to the cows, and my bemused attempts to duplicate his call, I just drove off the road, around the herd and waved.

This guy was the last person I saw, on foot or in a car, until about Milford, sixty miles away.


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