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Anne in front of the Library of Celsus at Ephesus.
John waits at the "Losted" Children Center at an industrial fair in Izmir.
At the Izmir industrial fair, John checks out the ultimate take-home gift -- a Russian built, tinny-sounding, SUV from Lada.
Anne, recreating her formative years as a Utahan.

The Great Salt Lake in central Anatolia.

John and Anne in a cave city in Cappadocia.
The ancients of Cappadocia didn't carve their tunnels for folks John's size.

This tunnel was about a hundred feet long, and just a little bit taller after John's head knocked more sand loose from the ceiling. He was picking the sand out of his hair for hours.

John gives the manual pottery wheel a try at an Avanos, Cappadocia, pottery factory.

The sweet, flower-covered pants they hand out to the wanna-be potters were quite special.

It's almost a pot.
Anne checking out a fresco in a cave church.

Goreme Open-Air Museum, Cappadocia.

Derrent Valley.

A stone camel and a parched tourist.

A silk spinning demonstration in a carpet shop.
Anne gets an education on carpet weaving.
The hard sell.
Another hard sell. Two carpet shops were enough.
Anne in the Greek and Roman ruins of Perge.

Say, that keystone looks a little loose.

John, sitting on a several-thousand-year-old inscribed tablet.
Anne, demonstrating liability issues on the Aspendos amphitheater's stage.

I suppose this could be used as an orchestra pit.

Anne wanders the streets of Antalya's Kaleici (old, Roman walled city).
Eating dinner at a roof-top restaurant in the Kaleici of Antalya.

The balmy weather, the little yacht harbor, ancient Roman city walls, narrow little streets and an aggressive feral cat made this nice night on the town.

John is taken aback by the stiff smoking fine. 10 million lira!
A happy customer at the Istanbul Four Seasons.
Just before ducking into the water pipe garden -- perhaps never to be seen again...
No shorts, no pants. Check.

Long skirt, showing no leg. Check.

Covered shoulders. Check.

Hat off. Check.

Plastic grocery bags to place shoes. Check.

OK. Now we're ready to enter the Blue Mosque.

Hey, at least we were TRYING. One guy lay down on the carpet in the Blue Mosque AND FELL ASLEEP. Gah!

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

A well-stocked traditional costume shop in the Covered Market, Istanbul.

On the main street in Eyup, Istanbul, we found these most wonderful baked bread rings. The bakery had hundreds of them, stacked up like auto tires on display. Every kid that came out of the store was munching on one of these rings.

Years later, we still think back to them. Most tasty.

If you know what these rings are called, or, better yet, know how to make them - - please drop me an email!

In Istanbul, near the New Mosque (Yeni Cami), we found Ali Muhiddin Haci Bekir. These guys literally invented Turkish Delight candy, and have been around for 225 years or so.

I think we like the name Turkish Delight, and the quaint old bakery, a heck of a lot more than the actual candy.

One Anne. Three Pepsi signs. One minaret. One satellite dish. One Efes beer cooler. Eleven propane tanks.

Must be Istanbul.

Anne and our guide at Topkapi Palace, Istanbul.
Anne is somewhere in this scene at a clothing market in Istanbul.

Give up? Here is a hint: she's giving us a classic WHAT?!?.

Anne getting ready to touch her bags at the Istanbul Airport.

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