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Approaching Bodie from the north.

Most folks arrive via Bodie road, from the west. Aurora Canyon Road and Masonic Road from the north offer a different, less travelled, way in to the park.

Looking east on what's left of Green street.
The church windows are somehow still unbroken. The town is amazingly well preserved.
The mill and mine works on the hills just south east of town.
A shed, slowly falling down a century or so later...

Stampers and other mill works.

Look like a nice, warm high desert to you? Nope. It was below freezing when I snapped this picture.

The reflection of the sunset lit hills makes this picture for me. The contrast is just way too high otherwise.

Bodie is often the coldest weather station in California, even though it is only at about 8100 feet. The cold, still, air settles into the valley, making for nights in the teens, even in early September.

Note the mine tailings all over the hill.


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