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Treasure Island Naval Base is in the middle of San Francisco bay, just east of San Francisco.
The art deco Headquarters Building.
More HQ.
A freezer at the Commissary.
Weeds taking over a paved road.
The facade to one of the big, main buildings. I don't know what they were, but they are now part of the movie studio complex on the island.
Signage near a power plant.
An odd little metal building near a power plant. Basically a pre-shipping container fabrication from metal. It looks fully transportable, and contains a little workshop.

Pretty cool, if not totally claustrophobic.

An empty street on the east end of the island.
A tug steams by the island.
Barges tied up to what appears to be the only working wharf left. The Bay Bridge's eastern span graces the background.
The wharf isn't quite unused. But the sign is certainly a throwback to a busier era.
A once-floating, now beached and rotting, dock finger.
A quonset hut near the water.
Another rusted outbuilding near the water.
A good painter will tell you that primer makes all the difference.
Let's Bowl.

1950's-era Bowling Alley.

Man, the Cold War still breathes here.
Calling Dr. Strangelove.
Simply because an idea can be formed in concrete, doesn't imply that it should be built.
1960's era barracks.

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