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The "Little Giant" fire hydrant on 20th and Church streets near Dolores Park, San Francisco.

These pictures were taken on April 18, 2003, just a few hours after the annual repainting and fêting of "Sparky."

A plaque on the sidewalk reads:

Though the water mains were broken and dry on April 18, 1906 yet from this GREENBERG hydrant on the following night there came a stream of water allowing the firemen to save the Mission district.

DEDICATED to Chief Dennis Sullivan and the men who fought the GREAT FIRE and to the Spirit of the PEOPLE of San Francisco who regardless of their Losses brought our city from its ruins to be most to the world with their 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition and the building of our Civic Center.

May their love and devotion for this city be an inspiration for all to follow and their motto "THE CITY THAT KNOWS HOW" a light to lead all future generations.

Presented to San Francisco by the
April 18, 1966
Sparky, showing off its wreath at a jaunty angle.
A view to the south, towards Noe Valley, along Church Street.
A view to the west along 20th Street.
A close-up of the 20th and Church fire hydrant.

The hydrant was built by "M. Greenberg's Sons - S.F." Any relationship to O'Greenberg's pub on Dolores and 29th?

A City Car Share Beetle and the J-Church Muni pass by the hydrant.

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