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A Fort Mason pier and warehouse, as seen from Aquatic Park.
A pier between Aquatic Park and Fort Mason.
A view of a pier and warehouse from above.

This warehouse is now Festival Pavilion.

The front facade of Festival Pavilion.
A long row of warehouses along the western limit of the fort.
The facade of Herbst Pavilion.
A pier and warehouse.
Warehouse facade.
Some aging concrete walls of a pier warehouse.
The end of the Festival Pavilion pier, looking east towards Berkeley.
The interior iron work and trusses of a pier warehouse.
A pair of joined warehouses, just inland from the piers.
Bars on a warehouse window. Most of these bars have been removed.
Warehouse wall.

Note the three protrusions near the lower-right window. These attachments show where bars have been removed.

A wrehouse, now "Landmark Building B."
A warehouse fire escape.
Fort Mason's firehouse.
The rear of the firehouse nearly runs into the hill.
An odd door at the rear of the firehouse.
A heavy chain lies on the rocks below the firehouse.
The stern of the brigantine Galilee rests in the parking lot.
A close-up of the Galilee's stern. The stern of the ship belongs to the California Maritime Museum. A bit of the bow is in Benicia.
Some of the Galilee's structure is exposed at the quarter.
Rail lines run every which way among the warehouses.
A railway intersection.
A rail tunnel connects the warehouses to the Aquatic Park area.
Some Spanish Revival tiling on the guard house.

A few more images of the docks and warehouses.


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